Ryelore Ai enables financial institutions to make investment decisions from visual datasets with deep learning algorithms

Our products

  • Measure oil storage volumes

    Measure oil storage volumes

    We can determine oil storage volumes in any port or country using satellite imagery providing transparency in oil storage levels to oil traders in financial markets.

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  • Identify real estate opportunities

    Identify real estate opportunities

    Enabling investors to better identify low and high risk agri-businesses and create an opportunity to tilt investment to actually sustainable farms.

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  • Measure factory farming risk

    Measure factory farming risk

    Enabling the measurement of economic growth in undocumented regions and assist better decision-making by local governments, aid agencies and investors.

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Enabling financial institutions to make decisions with certainty using alternative data.

Developing partnerships

We are always open to a conversation with people who want to collaborate and build a great artificial intelligence product.