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  • Ryelore’s AI Platform

    Artificial intelligence algorithms give best in class performance for analysing satellite images. However, applications are constrained by training data availability. Algorithm and object of interest complexity increases training data requirements while training data is limited by prevalence of objects of interest, re-visit rates, image archive and known objects of interest locations and high cost of […]

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  • Ryelore Ai speaking at UK Space Agency Conference on 25th Sep 2019

    Ryelore AI has been working with the European Space Agency, the UK Space Agency and a UK investment bank on a satellite imagery project since early 2019. We were recently invited to speak at the UK Space Agency Conference 2019 being held in Newport, Wales on the 25th September 2019. Anu Chandra from Ryelore Ai […]

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  • Four ways analysts can use Ryelore global oil storage data

    Commodity analysts and traders are telling us that they need better oil storage data. Traditional oil storage data is often out of date, limited to a few locations, has variable accuracy and can be expensive. At Ryelore Ai, we can measure oil storage anywhere anytime using satellite imagery and our in-house AI algorithms. Here are […]

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  • Farming

    Tips for investors: buying alternative data

    Alternative data and fintech are booming. An increasing amount of alternative data is hitting the financial industry. As such, it is starting to become increasingly difficult to decide what’s the right type of data for you and your organisation. So let’s discuss which things to consider when exploring alternative data for your investment strategy or […]

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  • realEstate

    Systematic hedge funds investing in machine learning

    Barclays recently released a report on systematic hedge funds that covered the use of machine learning. We thought it might be helpful to share the most salient parts. 1. Rise of systematic hedge funds Systematic hedge funds are characterised by use of huge datasets from a diverse range of sources, analysis of data to find […]

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